We Provide Scribes

& other medical professionals!

Scribe Options

Live Scribes

On-site at service locations creating and documenting all information necessary in the EMR. This option is ideal for health settings requiring a large number of shifts covered or where the environment requires the scribe to be physically present for the patient encounter.

Remote Scribes

Designed for locations that require intermittent or limited coverage where using a live scribe is not an option. The remote scribe provides scribe service to physicians anywhere in the United States. Remote EMR access and a strong internet connection is required.

Locations & Specialties

Helix currently provides scribe services to Corewell Health, Owosso Memorial, and Bronson Emergency Departments in Michigan. We service several other locations throughout the state  as well including:

  • Primary Care
  • ENT
  • Pain Management
  • Neuro/Spine Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics

Each location receives tailored service to best meet their needs, from a Level I trauma center to a local ENT clinic, with either around the clock coverage or for select shifts.

We are always working to find what opportunities allow for medical professionals and organizations to grow and thrive. Some of the options that we are able to assist with include: 

  • Cardiac telemetry
  • Patient safety attendants
  • Administrative assistance
  • Efficiency consultation
  • & more!