About Us

Jackson Lanphear, MD It was a long time waiting for the addition of scribes and I was very excited to start working with one. Now that I have been working with them for many years, it has been a tremendous improvement in the overall clinical work environment. I look forward to every one of my shifts with a scribe and am bummed when I don't have one.
Our Mission Our mission is very simple: to make providers more efficient. We take on the documentation and other administrative tasks so that the providers can focus on their patients. This results in consistent documentation standards and happier providers who are able to go home on time. Our goal, while lofty, is achievable: to provide best in class scribe service to our clients. We do not want to be the biggest scribe company, but we will be the best.
Our Team We are a family. Helix works with scribes to ensure that they are equipped and trained to be successful. A well-trained and well-supported medical scribe helps ensure that the medical charts are properly and efficiently prepared; which in turn means the provider and the patient have a better experience. We offer our team continuing medical education and complete regular audits so our scribes are constantly improving to better serve our providers and organizations.