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Helix Scribe Solutions Receives the MIPERC 2018 Community Award

Helix Scribe Solutions Receives the MIPERC 2018 Community Award

Grand Rapids, MI, September 20, 2018.  Helix Scribe Solutions, a Grand Rapids company that trains people to work as medical scribes, earned the Community Award at the Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research Center (MIPERC) annual conference in September.  MIPERC is an interinstitutional infrastructure comprised of 25 organizational members across six states. 

Each year, MIPERC recognizes one community partner who has actively promoted interprofessional care in the local or regional community to improve the health of at-risk populations. Such an organization must contribute to the mentorship of interprofessional students in a collaborative process model and must be engaged in scholarship through research and documentation of their interprofessional practice and care initiatives.

The award recognizes Helix's commitment to supporting area college students’ career goals by training them in collaborative practice while assisting the health care provider with documentation in the patient medical record.  The clinical experience gained by the students helps them learn the different roles of team members and provides a lens as they prepare for their professional roles in graduate health programs. More than 100 students have had clinical experiences as scribes over the last three years.

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